"Special Registration Items" Gift for New Players!

  • With our ongoing advertisements, special starting items have been activated for new players;

    Starting items 7 days!

    Special items are active for registered players!

    Heroic Talisman +100: 7 Days

    + A legendary grade talisman recreated by the power of the six elements.

    + It is a starting gift for our new players.

    + Strong Against All Elements +100%

    + Strength Against Metin Stones +15%

    + Strength Against Monsters +15%

    Special Landing Ring I: 7 Days

    + Strength Against Monsters +20%

    + Attack Value +50

    + Strength Against Metin Stones +15%

    Special Landing Ring II: 7 Days

    + Max. HP +2000

    + Average Damage 10%

    + Magic/Melee Attack +20%

    Experience Event is 1000% ongoing.

    Continent of Yohara Experience event rate increased by 1000%

    Item drop rate is 50% active.

    Opportunity Event from time to time!

    We wish you enjoyable, healthy and profitable games.

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